Latin GIRM (Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani) — Roman Missal, 3rd Edition in GIRM (in English) • Preferred Version from MR3. Msgr. James Patrick Moroney Executive Director, Secretariat for the Liturgy United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The English. General Instruction of the Roman Missal ( GIRM, Canadian Edition). ○ 1. The introductory material is almost identical to the previous.

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Then, bowing profoundly before the Priest, he asks for the blessing, saying in a low voice, Your blessing, Father. If there is no singing at the entrance, the antiphon in the Missal is recited either by the faithful, or by some of them, or by a lector; otherwise, it is recited by the priest himself, who may even adapt it as an introductory explanation cf.

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Implementation Directives – GIRM

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Until the new theology and the revolution In the absence of a Deacon, after the 0211 Prayer and while the Priest remains at the chair, the acolyte places the corporal, the purificator, the chalice, the pall, and the Missal on the altar. Then the Penitential Act takes place, and, in accordance with the rubrics, the Kyrie and the Gloria in excelsis Glory to God in the highest are said. The Introductory Rites The revolutionary principles are now deeply embedded within the life of the great majority of Catholics.

There are two kinds of bow: It is also permissible to leave the vessels that need to be purified, suitably covered, at the credence table on a corporal, and to purify them immediately after Mass following the dismissal of the people. These were people who work with the Pope every day. After this, as the minister presents the cruets, the priest stands at the side of the altar and pours wine and a little 2011 into the chalice, saying quietly, Per huius aquae By the mystery of this water.


He incenses the book and proclaims the Gospel reading.

The English GIRM 2002 and 2011 Side-by-side

A bow signifies reverence and honor shown to the persons themselves or to the signs that represent them. Sacred pastors should take care to ensure that giem faithful who participate in the rite or are present at it, are made aware by the most suitable means possible of the Catholic teaching on the form of Holy Communion as laid down by the Ecumenical Council of Trent.

He returns to igrm middle of the altar and with both hands raises the chalice a little, and says quietly, Benedictus es, Domine Blessed are you, Lord God. During the Liturgy of the Word, the concelebrants remain at their places, sitting or standing whenever the principal celebrant does.

In addition, on or next to the altar are to be placed candlesticks with lighted candles: When the homily is completed, a period of silence may be observed. If the altar is freestanding with respect to the wall, the priest incenses walking around it; If the altar is not freestanding, the priest incenses it while walking first to the righthand side, then to the left.

In the local Church, first place should certainly be given, because of its significance, to the Mass at which the Bishop presides, surrounded by his presbyterate, deacons, and lay ministers, [91] and in which the holy people of God participate fully and actively, for it is there that the preeminent expression of the Church is found.

Before and after an incensation, a profound bow is made to the person or object that is incensed, except for the altar and the offerings for the Sacrifice of the Mass. A priest also, who possesses within the Church the power of Holy Orders to offer sacrifice in the person of Christ, [81] stands for this reason at the head of the faithful people gathered together here and now, presides over their prayer, proclaims the message of salvation to them, associates the people with himself in the offering of sacrifice through Christ in the Holy Spirit to God the Father, gives his brothers and sisters the Bread of eternal life, and partakes of it with them.


Its useage in the church is indefensible and it has to be abrogated eventually. For those burdened by any kind of difficulty; d. In the sanctuary there should be prepared: Jordanes, Thank you for answereing my question. Firm Apostolicae Sedis 72p. Caeremoniale Episcoporum, editio typica,nos.

The deacon exercises his ministry at the altar whenever he needs to assist with the chalice and the Missal. Then he places the chalice on the corporal and, if appropriate, covers it with a pall. Then the priest bows profoundly and says the Munda cor meum Almighty God, cleanse my heart and, afterwards, reads the Gospel. While the sign of peace is being given, one may say, Pax Domini sit semper tecum The peace of the Lord be with you alwaysto which the response is Amen.

At the end, the reader pronounces the acclamation The word of the Lord, and all reply, Thanks be to God. In accordance with the rubrics cf.