PAUL BRUNTON A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA $ A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA This is the famous classic that has sold more than a quarter million. 14 Jul Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: This is the. Paul Brunton, thinking of a refreshing cup of tea, stepped through the doorway of his This scene is from Brunton’s A Search in Secret India, the page-turning.

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For months I could not sleep. Be sure that I will know all about you. I look up at him and notice a smile decret around his lips. I answer that nothing short of working a series of miracles will convince the West that anyone is a spiritual superman, let alone a messiah, and that since I cannot perform miracles I cannot undertake the job of being his herald.

He draws a wallet out of his pocket and selects a visiting card.

Paul Brunton wrote about his journey to india to explore the secrets of the spiritual world. Meher asserts that during this period he was being perfected, indla ready for his mission. My eyes meet a small lacquered table which stands in one corner.

They do not form the secret sacred India that Mr. Early travellers returned home to Europe with weird tales of the Indian faqueers and even modern travellers occasionally bring similar stories. Progress in the larger cities has caused city dwellers to become more and more motivated by political passions, and their disputes are sometimes violent.

Paul Brunton

It can bring our bodies nearer the healthy condition a search in secret india by paul brunton Nature intended them to possess; it can bestow one of modern civilization’s most urgent needs – a flawless serenity of mind; and it can open the way to bruhton treasures of the spirit to those who will labour for them. I had already read the book 5 years back. Brunnton appears to s into a profound concentration.


As if this infelicitous intrusion is a signal, figures rise from the floor and begin to move about the hall, voices float up to my hearing, and—wonder of wonders! He was amicable with his wife and Gill for life. He is not some clever individual attempting to emulate the feats of Maskelyne and Devant in a less prosaic environment than that of Regent Street. I indiia remember my interview with a Cockney under the shadow of Trichinopoly’s gigantic rock fort.

The search for truth and for a suitable, credible Teacher takes Paul Brunton, a Western skeptic, to a journey of Self discovery in which he learns to distinguish betwwen simple fakirs and really Holy Men, culminating with his realisation that Ramana Maharishi is the One who deserves to be recognised as a search in secret india by paul brunton Holy, Paup and transforming Guru – excatly because he respects his disciple’s free will and discrimination.

Yet great natural changes must take place on this planet simul- taneously.

However, it is not for me to complain. Therefore, English writers who have touched on this subject swing over to a hearty scepticism which, by its very nature, renders many sources of native knowledge not readily available to them, and which causes the Indian who really knows something about the less superficial side of the matter to shrink from discussing it with them.

Who- ever will poke about among this musty lore of the Orient in the hope of finding some precious gems of strange fact and stranger wisdom, will find his quest no vain one.

Boldly patterned Indian rugs repose on the parquet floor, one’s shoes sinking delightfully into their thick pile. I, who have made art my hobby and beauty my ideal, learnt from him to see the divine beauty in men who were leprous, destitute or deformed; men from whom I formerly shrank in horror.

I was convinced of the reality of the unseen world before my spiritual development began. Up and down India others – not many, but a search in secret india by paul brunton very, very few – may be found.


I admit that this great wisdom hardly belongs sarch India’s present, but to her past; that this guarded knowledge of Yoga flourishes little to-day when once it must have had worthy professors and faithful students. His features are more European than Indian.

You know that you are a human being, and so I know that I am a messiah! It faces due south and receives the bright morning sunlight full into its interior.

Brunton Paul – A search in secret India – Free PDF

Many of the tricks of the lower Indian fakirs are familiar even to Western people, but Mr. Thus he avoids any possible accusation of being close enough to read my writing.

The world is the invention of Universal Mind. One day the emissary from India met an Englishman who straightaway became converted to acceptance of the Parsee messiah after a conversation or two. Visit our Help Pages. A search in secret india by paul brunton verse in the Bhagavad Gita that mentions that to the Knower the day is as night and the night is as day became literally true, and remains pajl.

My offering of fruits remains unregarded on the small carved table which stands before him. Yet reading it again in it didn’t seem quite so special as I am now a different person-probably as a result of the journey to India that this book inspired In or thereabouts when I first read it.

It has life, color, movement. Often these were penned on the backs of envelopes or along margins of newspapers as he strolled amid the flower gardens bordering Indla Leman. Altogether, this is a seadch written and honest account of travel in India. Thoroughly a search in secret india by paul brunton reading this book.