Published with the British Council. The Core Inventory for General English. Last updated on July 5th, Published with the British Council. Read about Eaquals’ contribution to developing the CEFR and access a wide range of practical resources. Eaquals leads the way in making the CEFR more accessible to language We have published two major guides, one for English and one for French as a.

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Resources are organised in main areas as follows:. Close Sign up to receive the Eaquals monthly newsletter. Guardian Weekly, Tuesday 9 November For a novice teacher, who wants to experiment with the use of authentic texts, this offers a guide to the GRADING OF TEXTS and a sequence of difficulty of texts based on complexity and information eaquals british council as well as possible cultural knowledge needed. CPD for teacher trainers.

A further activity is for higher level students to choose a random item from the list every morning and try and surreptitiously include it in as many of the briyish they have during the day as possible. Published with the British Council. No bibliography at all — or index eaquals british council brktish peeve of mine. It has made more sense and has eaquaals more helpful to consider language in use.

Eaquals british council go on, have a spring roll.

Practical resources – Eaquals

My dog was bitten by a snake. Could we get a clue? Who will be first with this? I guess the problem is — as has been pointed out again and again in this discussion — the purposes for which such data might be used, particularly in designing and assessing courses, where the original impetus that drove the CEFR — i. The point being that we can all be beaten with the same stick.

Here are three I like:. Much more accurate information about spoken language. Eaquals british council aim to make the CEFR tangible for classroom teachers and course designers. However, I think the point about the Korean robots is a good one.


English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian. I assume that he is well aware of the eaquals british council that there is something else which contributes to the fusion of all of these contents into something recgonisable as a human eaquals british council.

Additional resources produced by Eaquals and our members A wide range of background resources and training and standardisation materials are available here. There should be a coursebook series called Lip Service. Just a reminder perhaps of the value of context and the issues of isolating and inventorying items of language. Eaquals british council make simple protest messages for cardboard signs to show international media.

CPD for materials writers. However, there are also real problems with it.

This project de facto eaquals british council a bottom-up approach to both learning and teaching. However there are also issues with this eaquals british council Now, in exactly the same fashion, using the same procedures, and eaquals british council — ostensibly — the same purposes, but with considerably more hoopla, The Core Inventory of General English North et alhas burst councill the scene. Yes, it looks as though we will have lists of grammar items thanks to Core Inventory and vocabulary items thanks to English Profile which neatly tie into CEFR levels, and it can all coucnil packaged into wonderful USPs for Cambridge exams and Cambridge publications.

While the English Profile will redress some of the weakenesses of the CI its lack or reliability, for example it may well exacerbate others the teach-by-numbers approach and, if based solely on native speaker data, will not necessarily be any more reliable, either, in terms of what is acheivable by learners at different levels. Email Subscription Enter your email address to eaquals british council to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

It is mostly about money. Eaquals british council only does he sing, he can dance too. And wondered just what use it was. Eaquals british council years to come all English courses for adults will be reduced to the contents of the Core Inventory with nothing that is not listed in it being taught. Notify me of new comments via email. I will be quietly ignoring from here on in.

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Unfortunately, the results seem to suggest that participants were explaining when they had been teaching these structures rather than when they felt they should.

It was a very nice moment. Research and contributing to the profession.

Yes, I confess I have conflated all three things — I only had 1m58 and it is a mashup after eaquals british council. Hoist by my own petard, Antonia! How can this be so if the use of the single most important tool we have at our disposal for describing the language is ignored in gathering information about it? Visit Link More Details.

British Council | EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English

So this is very exciting. In fact, all this seems to be is something one might have put together in a weekend by getting a pile of coursebooks and jotting down in a grid the common syllabuses and text types seen — any experienced teacher knows all this however, could be useful for a novice to get eaquals british council lay of coursebookland.

For a novice teacher, differences between levels are incredibly difficult to discern and they have trouble distinguishing s beginner from an intermediate learner as well as often underestimating the level of what is ostensibly an advanced student. Here are three I like: Declan, your comment really deserves to be the main post for this thread — your balanced take on the Core Inventory CI is extremely well argued and, well, balanced.

As a coursebook writer, Antonia, I think you ought to be watchful of this one! No bibliography at all — or index a pet peeve of mine eaquals british council. The CEFR struck me as a pretty cool document. In comparison, the Core Inventory is a joke. The intention of this inventory, published in eaquals british council, is to make the CEFR accessible to teachers and adult learners of General English.