2 Jun The Fränkische Schweiz aka Frankenjura has an enormous amount of or App is the better resource for access and topo documentation. Discover the world class sport climbing and rock climbing to be found at Frankenjura that is located near the cities of Nuremberg, Bamberg, and Bayreuth in. Holzgauer Wand. Closed from to 12 m. Just to the left side, the rest of this crag is illustrated on a separate TOPO. 1 Schleifentrick. 8+. 2 Neuer Riß.

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Area Organization A note on the organization of the Frankenjura page: Do take precautions against tick bites.

Shawn Heath Getting weather forecast Sometimes with just one or two bolts. Better yet, something you can sleep in, as roadside pull-outs are plentiful and seemingly unrestricted. Access the topos of your crags anywhere at any time. Choose or alternate them as you go.

Climbing Frankenjura for Doldis – a beginners guide | Klimbingkorns – the Passion of Rock Climbing

Areas Add area s Add topo Reorder Bulk edit. Join your friends and fellow climbers in open fun challenges. Stay tuned for constant updates. Some impressions and thoughts: Please read and accept the cookies-policy. This season from late March to early June lends itself best to climbing in the Frankenjura. Overview map But some areas are poorly connected with public transport not much has happened since the medieval ages. Services can be few-and-far between especially in the earlier summer in terms of opening hours – seek out the largest towns in the region when you need groceries or supplies, as most of the towns in between the crags will offer nothing but a few houses and a sometimes-open restaurant.


Slings tied to a sandclock hold is a frequent sight. Bouldergyms are scattered in the whole region. History View historical timeline A lot!

Login Forgot your login details? Camping with showers, rooms, food, and supplies. Also, the type of stone is limestone, and it is characterized as being very pocketed.


Franken 2covers the southern half of the Frankenjura rock climbing area to the east of Nuremburg. In general, stay concentrated while driving, pay extra special care in towns and drive like you see others driving and you’ll be okay. Find the parking easily. After frsnkenjura, climbing, nordic walking, whatever, you can come back for grilled food and great beer.

There are plenty of campsites around Frankenjura and they are really good for your purse! If your gym is not listed below, please let us know.

However, there is surely another exposed area which is dry. In this large area, there are approximately 1, crags spread out in a beautiful forest terrain, making Frankenjura a perfect holiday destination for rock climbers all over Europe. Frankenjura is regarded as one of the top areas for sport climbing frankenhura Europe, and is the largest and best climbing area in Germany. Full climbing guide on rebranded site. A few kilometres out of the region and you find yourself surrounded by granite or sandstone.

Adam Shanti Bristol, United Kingdom. Access issues Frankenjura has an established zone concept regulating whether a rock is allowed and if yes, how: If you prefer stickier rock, seek out crags with slightly longer approaches and you’ll be rewarded.

Vertical-Life Climbing

Feel free to contact me at xxx gmail. Do take a better glance at a route before you climb. Country guide to climbing areas App Case Study: How can I find a rock climbing guide to hire in Frankenjura?


Tags No fires No camping. Usually, the glass would be served half full, but often, it topoo be more than that too. Hiking Project Better Data. Please use your own quickdraw to build a safe rappel while you top rope to minimize the wear and tear of the bolts.

General information

A note trankenjura Top-ropes: Full climbing guide on rebranded site. The Jura limestone in Frankenjura is all about pockets and dents. Perhaps the routes are less dense, sometimes with just one or two, or they could be further to walk.

Weidmannsgesees 12, Pottenstein Camping “Bieger”: It takes about franksnjura Good Variety and often with pockets. Buy these two rock climbing guidebooks for Frankenjura from frankrnjura shop. It can be done, but dedicating a climbing trip to the Frankenjura during Winter is for the foolhardy. Hi Kelly, thanks for coming by.

Search for a route at that crag and you may then find it. Page Contents 1 Know your grade, love holes, love forests 2 Best season to climb 3 Where to climb in Frankenjura?

But if you really want to know the differences, here’s a detailed description: Beer gardens abound and there is never a shortage of good food to be found in any of the villages or small cities within the Frankenjura.