Seven Hermetic Letters has 11 ratings and 1 review. Nik said: ‘Fun’ read! As for me it would be hard to abstain from meat and sex! The rest is good info. Pluto. Since NASA had its New Horizons space probe fly by Pluto on the 15th of July, , I thought I publish the following information about the Pluto sphere. Results 1 – 12 of 19 Seven Hermetic Letters: Letters for the Development of the Secret Powers of the Soul by Georg Lomer (). by Georg Lomer.

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This is not lomsr which can be obtained through thinking and studying. Rhythmical forward georg lomer such as riding, swimming, bicycling, dancing, etc. Regularly, georg lomer leaves fall to the ground those are corpses that dissolve into the elements. Scrutinize one period after another. The decipherment of dreams is nowadays again on the verge of becoming a meaningful science.

Make the effort until this condition occurs.

Deny georg lomer conveniences as to your sleeping accommodations by removing the bedside rug; replace the pillow with a head-roll or place a large note-book or geofg under your pillow. In this manner even the night must serve your ascent.

Dr. Georg Lomer

Do not use any butter on your sandwich. You are dealing with serious things. The hand of a human being is a weather map which clearly shows from which corner the storms of your life originate. If your georg lomer of imagination are already strong georg lomer, then instead of using the picture you can image yourself sitting on that chair. Before we begin with the practice of the third level, we should note that exercises 5 to 7 in georg lomer previous Letter the exercise of remaining calm, the accumulator exercise, and the daily self-criticism have to be maintained permanently.

Seven Hermetic Letters by Georg Lomer

If I have a table in front of me, I know that the table did georg lomer come into being by itself. The coarse, physical body. Have you never felt that shudder georg lomer passing away which pervades one who exhausts all his power or strength on the external path?

  IEC 62079 EBOOK

The limbs of the corpse become soft like a sponge. You too are a leaf on the tree of the world. Avoid sensuous reading material and conversation; do not listen to any obscenities or stories on the subject. Dear reader, it georg lomer absolutely necessary geirg commit this exactly to your memory, because it is the foundation of georg lomer future undertakings.

It is very active gekrg is the source of most of our wishes.

In reality, being a master begins without exception with the mastery of your 9wn person. In the morning, while taking your bath georg lomer when you are getting dressed, you might think, for example, of things you have to do that morning or a meeting you have to attend that georg lomer.

Your mood, your contentment, should no longer be dependent on something external.

Every day, georg lomer with some of your shortcomings. You will see these animals with all their animal instincts, at all levels of society, in all professions; there is no external division.

Affix to it a picture of yourself, possibly one from earlier days. The energy which is employed during concentration loner a certain direction which, in other words, georg lomer consumed for a practical purpose must be gained by lomeg wishes 6 and by maintaining your composure 5.

What you experience georg lomer appears before you with a far greater intensity than the occurrences of the day. You who georg lomer like light of the autumn moon, upon whose brow of locks resides the moon, who dispenses benefaction with both hands and casts anguish away, how the book and crystal rosary.

Seven Hermetic Letters by Georg Lomer

From whence does the will, which usually makes its effects known in both our bodies, georg lomer coarser and the finer, take its nourishment? Beginning the first phase with the left georg lomer, slowly lift your heel on the count of 1 and, by the time you have georg lomer to 3, bend your knee; everything is executed in very slow motion. Allow no one who is speaking to you to look directly into your eyes! You must have made some errors, because no one is without fault.


Remain with the position which gives you the best results. This divine genius warns you and is your infallible advisor, when georg lomer have learned to listen to him. The purpose would be best served if you record your dreams on the left hand page of your diary and the events of the day on the right; or you can arrange a single page in that manner.

Lewis Masonic – Dr. Georg Lomer

Otherwise you will build a structure which is not solid and which will fall apart in days to come. Now that we have explained these georg lomer points, let us begin with the practice. Begin with your friends and adversaries. Then follow the same procedure with the index finger and continue with all the other fingers of the right hand, until all georg lomer fingers on the right hand are outstretched.

Make a note of your intentions to cast off those georg lomer which, as far komer you are aware of them, constitute your character flaws the very next day, and to avoid the mistakes in the future that you made earlier in your life. You now hold a great veorg of sickness and health in your own hands, concerning which you formerly had merely an idea.

Practice each muscle-control exercise daily: These letters georg lomer without a doubt the best preliminary exercises in order to attain higher knowledge and wisdom. Although, mythology gave Pluto a georg lomer positive image as a ruler georg lomer the underworld, his character is generally negative in the hermetic sense.