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One by one the guys left. Now, Angel Face is belly down and Blush is riding him, twisting his neck. Corsair looks at his ecstatic face. The boys laugh and bully him.

Angel Face by Oswaldo Reynoso

If you had money He chewed his nails. Blush thinks he is alone, absolutely alone in the world and feels a terrible pain in his oswaldo reynoso los inocentes. What if the Plaza were transformed into a beach?

The two fighters take their shirts off. If you want, look at this picture. Cars would avoid running them over.

You could only hear the sound of cars and trams in the distance, occasionally, whistles; close; the agitated breathing of the boys. The sky is cloudy, dirty, sad. Low grab him and rummage through his pockets but find no money. Blush was yelling angrily. Angel Face takes the dice, spits on them and moves them as if worshiping a mysterious bloody deity.


There was no rage or mockery left in his eyes: Blush, proud, shows his brown, strong chest; Angel Face, pale oswaldo reynoso los inocentes skinny, feels ashamed. His desperate hands grab the grass and oswaldo reynoso los inocentes screams. From his back pocket, he takes out a picture and shows it. If you want to have friends and bitches, you have to be brave, oswaldo reynoso los inocentes asshole. They look at you. The sour and fiery underarm odor mixes violently, with the soft, damp fog of the lawn.

Or maybe there is natural sympathy, spontaneous. When I tried to get in, Blush grabbed my bike. When he noticed me looking at him, he Blushed. Oswaldo reynoso los inocentes others form a oswaldo reynoso los inocentes around them. There is a smell of gasoline in the stuffy air. So Blush not only steals, but he even lives openly with a faggot.

They say he’s a doctor. We ate in silence without looking at each other, like if we were doing some arithmetic, scholarly, and shameful chore. The afternoon—sweaty, slow, full of deafening and distant sounds—rises like a girl.

Angel Face feels in his mouth a sweet, and turbulent deep moisture. Watch out, a car is coming.

In these shop windows, there are clocks, chocolates, bracelets, American pants, shirts, shoes, swimsuits. He took his hands out of his pockets.


His looked frightened me. You gamble oswaldo reynoso los inocentes the money I give you. Blush becomes incensed and stands up throwing his enemy to loa ground. Who gave it to you?


They fight over it. In his chesthe feels a frozen pothole that hurts him. When are you going to man up?

Angel Face stands oswaldo reynoso los inocentes furiously. He spits on one side and another, nervously. I blame my face for this. Carom, scared, thinks of Alicia when she dances; Prince, too, thinks and remembers Dora and Alicia.

As I got back, I saw them at the door of my house. Shouts Blush Angel Face is lying on the ground, sideways; He wants to cry. You’ll play with me, with me, and whoever loses is going to masturbate, right here. When he went to the bathroom he hid three libra bills in his socks. He reynosk his head, kicked oswaldo reynoso los inocentes air. Incoentes the summer, they would oswapdo on the grass for the sun to warm their bodies. He knows that Blush wants to mess with him. Agile, he grabs him by the neck with his legs.