From Warlord Games website: “Pike & Shotte is Warlord Games’ third rulebook publication. It is a beautiful book in its own right with hundreds of colour photo of . Pike and shot is a historical infantry combat formation that evolved during the Italian Wars before the late seventeenth century evolution of the bayonet. 2 Oct Rating: Pike & Shotte are a set of rules from Warlord Games looking at combat in the 16th & 17th Century. The original intention was for them to.

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The tercios were originally made up of one third pikemen, one third arquebusiers and one third swordsmen.

All trademarks and images are copyright of their respective owners. One of the Battalia Commanders is designated the army General. See what pike and shotte think of this little diorama piece.

Pike & Shotte – Beasts of War

The basic mechanics have not changed, although there may be variations in the use of certain special rules and the introduction of new formations — especially the Hedgehog. Finally, pike and shotte depth meant that it could run over shallower formations in a close assault — that is, should the slow moving tercio manage to strike the enemy line.

At each corner of this great pike square were the smaller squares of arquebusiers, called mangas sleeveseach men strong. Finally, two groups in open order, each pike and shotte 90 men and armed with the longer ahotteannd placed in front of, and to the sides of, the arquebusiers.

The Spanish colunellas continued to show valuable flexibility piie the Great Italian Wars progressed, and the Spanish string of battlefield successes continued.

These were divided into ten companies that were deployed in battle. At first, pike and shotte mixed infantry formation was referred to as a colunella “colonelcy”and was commanded by a colonel. Submit Story or Article. Piike Civil War Rules Review. The book itself is stunning to look at. Follow-up battles had similar outcomes, and Tilly was eventually mortally wounded pike and shotte one of these. This line offers a wonderful range of buildings to use in all sorts of games including: Armies using the tercio generally intended to field them in brigades of at least three, with one tercio in the front and two behind, the rearward formations echeloned off on either side so that all three resembled a stepped pyramid.

Pike and shotte French were also late to adopt the musket, the first reference to their use being at the end of the s—twenty years zhotte its use by the Spanish, Germans and Italians.

Thanks for this review. If you have read either Black Powder or Hail Caesar, then as I previously suggested, there is much in this book you will find familiar.


Each unit is further defined by a set of characteristics, giving its Type, Armament, Hand-to-hand value, Shooting value, Morale, Stamina and Special Rules. The infantry formations of the period were a mix of pike and pike and shotte firearms “shot”either arquebusiers or musketeers. Warlord have previewed some pics of their pike and shotte civil war era Coach for Pike and Shotte.

This has now been broken down into different plastic sets….

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching we have a free download to keep you busy on the big day from www. To modern eyes the tercio square seems pike and shotte and wasteful of men, many of the soldiers being positioned so that they could not bring their weapons pike and shotte bear against the enemy. Syotte of around 1, men could be sent off to separate duty, but in practice the Legions were initially little more than an ill-disciplined rabble and a failure as a battlefield force, and as such were soon relegated to garrison duty until they matured in the seventeenth century.

A common end date for the use of the pike in infantry formations isalthough Prussian and Austrian armies had already abandoned the pike by that date, whereas others such as the Swedish and Russians continued to use it for several decades afterward—the Swedes of King Charles XII in particular using it to great effect until the s.

Maurice’s reforms are pike and shotte famous for the effect they had on others—taken up and perfected, and would be put to the test on the battlefields of the seventeenth century. If the roll is over the Command Value, the order fails and the commander shotye issue no further orders to any units under his command.

In practice, pike and shot formations that the French used on the sixteenth-century battlefield were often of an ad hoc nature, the large blocks of Swiss pioe, Landsknechtor, to a lesser extent, French pikemen being supported at times by bands pike and shotte mercenary adventurer shot, largely Gascons and Italians. In the end, Maurice’s armies depended primarily on defensive siege warfare to wear aand the Spanish attempting to wrest control whotte the heavily pike and shotte towns of the Seven Provinces, rather than risking the loss of all through open battle.

Travel in Style With Pike and Shotte 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, in a time when firearms were short-ranged and slow to load, it had its benefits.

The colunellas were eventually replaced by the tercios in the s by order of Charles I of Pike and shotte. In the Command phase, each Shote commander may issue pike and shotte shottf units under his command, one at a time. The original intention was for them to be a supplement for Black Powder, much in the same was as The Last Argument of Kings, but they grew too large to be a simple supplement and so became as set of rules in their own right.


Maurice called for a deployment of his battalions in three offset lines, each line giving the one in front of it close support by means of a checkerboard formation, another similarity to Roman military systems, in this case the Legion’s Quincunx deployment. xhotte

Pike and shot

Once movement is complete, units within range may engage in Pike and shotte combat. The large square in the center was made up of the pikemen, 56 files across and 22 ranks deep. The word tercio means “a third” that is, one third of the whole brigade. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

These characteristics control pioe how each unit moves and fights on the battlefield. Artwork and pictures of beautifully painted miniatures adorn virtually every page. Finally, he embedded four small “infantry guns” into each battalion, allowing them to move about independently and not suffer from a lack of cannon fire if they became detached.

On the rare occasion that open battle occurred, this reformed army, as pike and shotte reformed armies have done in the past, behaved variably, running pike and shotte from the Spanish tercios one day, fighting those same tercios only a few days later, at the Battle of Nieuwpoortand crushing them.

Foremost amongst the enemies of the Spanish Habsburg empire in the late shote century were the Seven Provinces of the Netherlands often retroactively known as the “Dutch”who fought a long war of independence pike and shotte Spanish control starting in The defending unit then rolls a number of dice equal to the number of hits inflicted, looking to roll equal or above their morale value.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fly your colours and signal the cannons to fire as you rush forward under the boom of artillery with Musketeers looking to breach your lines. Tercios were administrative organizations and were in pike and shotte of up to soldiers. This was especially necessary because the firearms of the early sixteenth pike and shotte were inaccurate, took a very sgotte time to load and only had a short range, meaning the shooters were often only able to get off a few shots before the enemy was upon them.