The Palm-Wine Drinkard has ratings and reviews. Antonomasia said: The tallest tall tale ever of what one champion boozer did to get a decent dr. Complete summary of Amos Tutuola’s The Palm-Wine Drinkard. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Palm-Wine Drinkard. [Palm-wine drinkard] The palm-wine drinkard; and, My life in the bush of ghosts / Amos Tutuola. ISBN- ISBN 1.

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I already look forward to many re-readings. After that he commanded the coconut tree to stand still on the ground with a magical commandment, and at the same moment it stood on the ground as if it was planted there, then he commanded it again to bend down and it did so at once, after that he took me from the top of it and put me on the ground, again he commanded it to stand up- right as it was and deinkard did so.

The Palm Wine Drinkard is a palm-win, absurd piece of literature. As this food was prepared in the method which earthly people prepare their food, so I ate it to my entire satisfaction, because it was that day I first ate the food which was prepared as good as this since I entered the Bush of Ghosts. The similarities between these works—which concern adventures in the bush—and the works of Tutuola are so striking that Tutuola received criticism from Yoruba reviewers for being too derivative.

I’m puzzled by the popularity of this novel. Fairy palm–wine can scare, but this is more terrifying than Grimm as its matter is more serious and is believed in by millions of Africans today.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm-Wine Tapster in the Deads’ Town

He became a coppersmith, and con- drinkrd this trade in the Royal Air Force in Nigeria for three years during the war. Immediately I entered this town I went round it and saw a ghost who only resembled earthly people among all ghosts who were living there. I realized I was reading someone’s dreams. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

When I knew that tomorrow will come, and apart from its simple fears, it will come and go. But if they shouted at me like that my boss would jump and kick me mercilessly, with gladness in the presence of these bystanders until he would leave that town. Which means drinkarc stole me from this centre of the roads to their town. Want to Read saving….

At night they would put the whole of dirnkard in the yard and locked the door so that we might not escape. They thought I was one of their lost cows and put me among the cows as I was unable to change myself to a person again.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard

But as the whole of them seized me by violence or rape at the same time, then I began to beg them with a lower or cool voice, because I 66 On my Way to the 9th Town of Ghosts thought that they were going to eat me alive and they did not listen to me until they took me to their town which is the 9th town of ghosts.


Because the war drained British resources, the British government wished to scale back its expenditures overseas, and the notion of self-rule for British colonies gained popularity. Tbe part is myth and what part is novel? But as I had never eaten anything since my boss took me from the three old ghosts so by ;alm-wine I ate the corn which I had never tasted since I was born, but I was unable to eat the leaves as I am not really a horse.

When she reached her house, she tied me to a pillar which was on the front of her house, but paml-wine pillar was exposed to the sun or anything pal,-wine might come down from the sky.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard Excerpt: Dead Babies and Terrible Creatures in Bag | Weird Fiction Review

In the lavish interior of the tree they recover their strength and enjoy food and drink. It is the greater weirdness that comes from the effort to haul the culture itself into the world of modern Nigeria, with its bombs, telephones, and cameras. To pick up this book is to find yourself unexpectedly wrenched from the world and deposited into a dangerous wonderland that almost, but not quite, In some times and places, madmen were viewed with a sort of wary deference.

Heaven has stopped the rain to show its anger, and the drought has caused the famine. Some orisa, like Faithful-Mother in The Palm-Wine Drinkardare connected to specific sites—certain rivers, trees, or hills—and are worshipped only dginkard the inhabitants of a single town.

Then they told a ghost who is a carpenter among them to make a solid coffin. So I simply entered it. In it, a man follows his brewer into the land of the dead, encountering many spirits and adventures.

After that thf dug a deep hole as a grave in the back yard and buried me there as a dead man. Mar 02, Rita rated it it was amazing. They perhaps too felt that, as the comedy of the first pages dissipates into horror, that this is a very strange book indeed.

Well, I cannot say.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard Summary –

The Palm-Wine Drinkard novel by Tutuola. The king captures the pair but decides to give them a week of enjoyment before they are executed. Soooo, initially, I hated this book hahaa. The trouble is that this palm-winne has so many things wrong with it. He said, ” The reader should be carried forward, not merely or chiefly by the mechanical impulse of curiosity, or by a restless desire to arrive at the final solution; but by the pleasurable activity of mind excited by the attractions of the journey itself.

A psychedelic quest as mindbending as Yellow Submarine the film, but written fifteen years earlier and thousands of miles away. Quite an adventure in language and atmosphere, and almost certainly unlike anything else you’ll have read.


Then she started another conversation with me for a few minutes before she went to the kitchen with the two fowls, she roasted both, after that she brought them to me ppalm-wine tea and bread. When he came back from the house he simply threw me inside the big bag which he hung on his shoulder, because he could not go anywhere without this bag, as it is a uniform for every king that reigns in this drinkaed town of ghosts which belongs only to smelling-ghosts. Because he had told me before that he would try the wonderful invisible power once in my presence before I would leave him to believe all his saying.

Everything and everyone in this town is red-colored because of a mistake the Red-King had made years ago. But as the hair on his body should be first scraped off carefully and kept in a safe place, as it is very precious to all of them, so at first they scraped the hair on the first part of his body and when they were scraping the hair inside the pouch in which I slept, so the scrapers or knives which they were using mistakenly touched one of my feet suddenly, then I woke inside the pouch, but as I shook my body to left and right to come pal-mwine as I ddrinkard not know that it was inside the pouch of an animal I slept, I thought 96 The Short Ghosts and their Flash-eyed Mother I was inside a room.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Please try again later. As they enter this land they rent their fear and sell their death. After he left these three ghosts and travelled till the evening, then he stopped suddenly, thinking within himself with a loud voice either to eat me or to eat half of me and reserve the other half till 30 The Smelling-Ghost night. Yet at the beginning of the novel, Drinkard hardly notices when his own father suddenly dies.

But to attribute the strangeness of this book to Yoruba culture is too easy. I don’t know which parts of the story are Tutuola’s and which are standard folk tales, but in any case what follows drinard a strange and twisting story following the hero through a series of encounters with vicious beasts and supernatural beings.

They were singing, clapping hands, ringing bells and their ancestral drum- mers were beating the drums in such a way that all the dancers were jumping up with gladness.

But as I was telling him these sorrowful words both his eyes were shedding tears repeatedly, of course I did not shed tears at all on my eyes as I put hope that no doubt I would be easily captured or killed.