Los Versos Satanicos (Spanish Edition) [Salman Rushdie] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Los Versos Satanicos has ratings and reviews. Max said: Occasionally, I will go into Half Price Books and buy a book that hasn’t been recomm. Results 1 – 10 of 10 Los versos satanicos / The Satanic Verses (Paperback) by Salman Rushdie and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books.

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Los Versos Satanicos by Salman Rushdie (3 star ratings)

British Labour MP Keith Vaz led a march through Leicester shortly after he was elected in calling for the book to be banned, while the Conservative politician Norman Tebbitthe party’s former chairman, called Rushdie an “outstanding villain” whose “public life has been a record of despicable acts of betrayal of his upbringing, religion, adopted home and nationality”. Its very existence caused the death of a man and the nearly lethal injury of another, while Rushdie had to change his name and remain hidden for many years after Khomeini pronounced a death sentence on the author in I would love to know what someone that has a similar issue with religion and culture butting heads thinks of this book.

Usually, I read a book when I want to and usually that’s all the time. Rushdie’s influences have long been a point of interest to scholars examining his work. They include a retelling of the life story of Muhammad and the origins of Islam, and a dramatized version of some apocryphal Islamic writings known as the “Satanic Verses” in which Muhammad supposedly acknowledged the existence of several female pre-Islamic deities as subordinate to Allah.


Blood of Elves Andrzej Sapkowski. When Rushdie first moves to the story of Mahound, the novel hits, temporarily, a brick wall that I was tempted not to clamber over. Much of it is humorous, much of it is soap operatic, much of it is inexplicable, with bits of fantasy mixed with prosaic earthiness.

That said, I think that The Satanic Verses could now be considered a timeless, classic saga that makes social and religious prejudice and pretentiousness meet in an extremely witty, allegorical way, if only it saatanicos written differently. This is the book that got a fatwa put on Salman Rushdie.

The Times Of India.

Gabreel experiences dreams in which he apparently is the angel he seems to be. The novel deals with migration, intermingling, hybridization of people, religion. Los Versos Satanicos by Salman Rushdie.

Chamcha is arrested and passes through an ordeal of police abuse as a satnaicos illegal immigrant. Through this he falsifies his past, willingly reinvents himself, becomes false and hence ‘evil’.

It was interesting to learn via Wikipedia, of course what are the Satanic Verses: Just as, with old classics, we might not in modern times understand archaic words or objects, so the non-Indian or Britain-ized Indian probably doesn’t have a good understanding of Indian words or, particularly for me, Verzos. I can see that it’s well written and parts of it are engaging, but I just don’t have enough interest at present to continue reading this lengthy novel.


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Los Versos Satanicos

Rushdie plays with that idea quite a bit and opens it up to some interesting interpretations. Fletcher, saw the reaction as ironic.

At times, this approach satabicos fun. Otherwise I don’t see the point of such an overreaction satanicks the book. Sword of Destiny Andrzej Sapkowski.

I do love that this book was so ahead of Sxtanicos brilliant, but it failed to consistently be compelling. Srinivas Aravamudan ‘s analysis of The Satanic Verses stressed the satiric nature of the work and held that while it and Midnight’s Children may appear to be more “comic epic”, “clearly those works are highly satirical” in a similar vein of postmodern satire pioneered by Joseph Heller in Catch It was a little over my head when I read it.

But really no more heretical or salacious than, say, The Last Temptation of Christ. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J. I must claim an embarrassing ignorance about just about every aspect of this daunting cersos at the outset: What this book did not have plenty of was editing. Gibreel has visions, perhaps brought on by schizophrenia.

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